A Call to Farms

Book CoverA Call to Farms: Continental Drift through the Radical Midwest Culture Corridor is finished. The book collects writings and images from participants and presenters in the June 2008 Drift. The book is designed by Mike Koppa, of The Heavy Duty Press. It’s long since sold out but you can download the pdf version here. Let yourself follow the call!

2 thoughts on “A Call to Farms

  1. La Lubu

    Is there any chance of seeing this in print again? Like on a print-to-order basis from Lulu or anything like that? This looks really good, but I hate electronic copies—harder to read, not really portable (cell phone screens are teeny-tiny, plus data minutes are limited), and when the software changes—poof! inacccessible. With a print copy, you’re good to go for the next hundred years or so. I’d buy a print copy.

    1. admin Post author

      It’s a good idea! We’ll look into that. People love this little book and so do we – an inspiration from our firstcontact with the wilds of the MRCC. Thanks for your interest – Brian & Compass.


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