China Drift Report Back

@ Mess Hall, Chicago

In May and June of 2011 four Compass stalwarts, Brian, Sarah, Claire, and Dan, made the journey to China together along with a host of others, collaborators from the US, Europe, and China. Moving from Beijing to Wuhan to Lashihai Valley of Yunnan province, the drift brought the MRCC into view from a great distance. The connections between points in the midwest and places in China are many, without a doubt economically and environmentally significant, complicated and highly variable, but also in some ways insistently non-existent. We will relate the narrative of our travels, the links we did and did not make, and the questions we are left with.

At Mess Hall on Thursday, August 11, 2011, 7-9 PM Sarah Lewison and Dan Wang will be sharing what they saw, did, and thought while in China. Hint: each of the four brought along something to use, read, or share with those we’d meet, from or about Detroit, curiously. Maybe not so curiously.

mrcc on display at the Desiree/Womenjia Youth Autonomy Lab, Wuhan, China

Womenjia courtyard

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